We want to appreciate all our sponsors by sharing them here. Thank you so much for bringing even more fun to our participants as well as having such great products. We hope you enjoy our sponsorship together and both succeed! 

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Without our amazing sponsors, we're not able to give away the prizes you get from special contests and such! They have amazing stuff so go support them! <3

The popular Pinky Paradise Company has teamed up with KUC.
♥ KUC and Pinky Paradise has agreed to a sponsorship and we will be giving away contacts every month! ^^ Imagine, saving oh let's say $11.90- $28.90 for a pair of the most expensive contact lenses sold by Pinky Paradise ...MONTHLY!!!

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KUC HAS A NEW SPONSOR. And it's the fashionable Pretty & Cute.

♥ KUC and Pretty & Cute teamed up and have agreed to a sponsorship where we will be giving away gift certificates worth $5-$15 towards your purchase!!!

Current Promotions (Pretty & Cute) :

Please continue to spread the word about KUC aw well as our lovely sponsors Pinky Paradise, and Pretty & Cute! KUC will be holding Give Aways and Special Contests where you will be able to have a shot at winning lenses, and gift certificates. Who is your #1 site for giveaways? KUC is (': 
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