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     The Official Kawaii Ulzzang Contest
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~ Welcome to KUC!!! We are the Official Kawaii Ulzzang Contest ~

Ulzzang meaning "best and face" in Korean and "Kawaii" the Japanese word for cute, we are here to bring together the Kawaii Ulzzangs from all over the world. 
All nationalities are welcome and who knows- YOU could be the next face of KUC!

★ No fighting, no biting or hating! Please do not post or comment if you nothing nice to say. Keep it clean!! After all- you can't be pretty with an ugly attitude!

★ This page DOES NOT welcome fakes!! Fake pictures and fake people WILL be deleted and disqualified! However if you are real and use your own pictures you have our blessing ♥

★ Please do not steal any pictures!! All rights over pictures belong full to their owners however we may use photos for our website and promotional purposes.

★ By joining in contests and battles you have agreed to our terms and conditions.

~Enter our contests for chances to win some kawaii prizes!! Or battle it out with a fellow Ulzzang- Join us!! And don't forget to bring the Kawaii Ulzzang out of you!~

~Discover others like you, learn tips and make friends! Many Ulzzangs become internet celebrities by posting their photos online and KUC is constantly on the look out for KUC models and fresh faces. If you think you have what it takes then contact any of our lovely admins ♥

With love from
-The KUC Team 



First off, if you find a faker or anyone is rude to you, message CEO Chivany van der Werff immediately or any admin!

1. DO NOT advertise yourself anywhere on KUC. It causes spam which makes it harder for us to run our services smoothly for you to participate.

2. Post pictures of YOURSELF, not your friends or your family members or any other person that is not yourself. KUC is all about your beautiful face! (Exception - Tumblr.)

3. All hating/rudeness/bullying will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN. The admins will not tolerate anymore of it, we want KUC to be a happy and safe place for people to post their pictures and have fun battles with their friends and families in KUC.

4. Always support KUC ♥


1. Posting nudes/revealing pictures. Cleavage can't be helped, 

but you can put on a shirt and put your boobs away and for the 

guys pull your pants up. The rule is bikini to clothing ratio. Anything less than what you would wear to the beach is unacceptable. 

2. Cyber bullying which includes but not limited to:

-Commenting on pictures saying that the said person is "ugly".
-Anything rude that you wouldn't want said to you. 

-Using vulgar vocabulary that could offend others

3. Posting things unrelated to KUC. 

*If there's any rules that you don't understand completely, message us and don't forget to check out our Information and Rules Album, where we describe everything in more in detail!

Happy Battling & Contesting Kawaii's !

How To Participate On Our Facebook :
 Like our Facebook Page! -->

To Enter Contests

1. Go to the main KUC page.

2. Click on the "Photos" app on the page. Look at the titles of the albums. The titles of the albums will be your category choices.

3. Go back to the main page and go to the "Write Something" box.

4. Click "upload photo" and upload the choice of your photo. It must have all the elements of the category. 

     For example: Category: "Best With Smile"

                           Your Photo: (Must be you smiling.)

5. Provide the following information with your contest entry:




          Fb link:


*Then just wait for an admin to enter your photo in and comment your link to start getting likes! Good luck (:   

To Battle Others

1. Join this group!

2. Click the "about" tab or check the "Rules" photo album to remember all the rules. 

3. Upload a photo to the group asking to "battle".

4. Or to battle others upload your photo directly into the comment of another person's photo.

5. Check the main KUC page for your battles and vote on everyone's battles!

*Don't forget to add the KUC Tagging Account so we can tag you!

How To Be A Model :

• Step 1: Message Ji Eun with at least 4 of your BEST photos along with a handwritten fansign that says your name and "KUC" to verify that you are real! Be sure that your photo has the following! 

- Remember what Kawaii and Ulzzang comes from! Kawaii is the Japanese term for cute and Ulzzang is the Korean term for the perfect face.
- Camera: Digital cameras are highly recommended to avoid any graininess.
- Unedited: The photo that you took a picture of without any retouches!
- Quality: Clear, No blurs.
- No Flash: If there is, make sure that it's low and not too bright!
- Not TOO much makeup!
- No collages: Do not group your photo together. Have the original photo without putting any photos next to, underneath, or within the photo.
- Size: Your photo must not be too small! It can be as big as you want, but not so small like an icon you use for email messengers or your profile photo as seen your profile.

• Step 2: You don't have to include your personal profile or your ethnicity in your message! :) Do not say that you are not attractive. We want confident individuals.

• Step 3: Don't be shy to ask questions!

• Step 4: If you would like to send 10+ photos, You are allowed to create a portfolio with the title:"KUC Model Application" 

• Step 5: Be patient! Many applicants come through and just because you don't make it doesn't mean you're not beautiful! It's just that we have really high expectations to conform to the Ulzzang style. 

Check out our KUC Guy Models! KUC Guy Models <3

Check out our KUC Girl Models! KUC Girl Models <3


How To Participate On Our Tumblr :

2. Submit your photo by clicking on submit! 

3. Follow the Submission Rules.

* Submission Rules *

Please refrain from submitting more than one photo a day.

We need your:
Tumblr URL
Facebook URL (optional)

4.If you need/want advice, message the anonymous or not and we'll answer. Do not try to promote yourselves through the ask box. 

5. Promote us!! :D We're new!~

Interested Our Youtube Channel ?

Subscribe to our Official KUC Youtube Channel here! 

If you would like to make any Ulzzang Tips/Makeup/etc. videos for us or be on our Youtube Team then message Admin Chau 

[] for more information!

How To Have Fun With Us :

Want to get to know all the admin and have fun? Well guess what? 

All the admins would be really glad to meet you! So don't be shy (:

1. Meet Our Wonderful Admins and add/message to get to know them all!

2. Get on Tinychat!

          Don't know our password? For safety reasons we need to keep 

          it safe so just message the main KUC page for it and we'll tell you!

Have fun and we hope to see your face!

3. When we reached 50k likes, we made a clubhouse! Click this link and love us! 

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